Caregiver Spotlight: Using Writing to Heal and Cope


Caregiving can cause a roller coaster of emotions that change over time. Finding time and outlets to cope is not always easy. Dr. Robert Winn, medical director of Deer Valley and The Canyons in Park City, knows this struggle all too well. Life was near perfect for Dr. Winn and his beloved wife Nancy. When Nancy was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), their world went tumbling out of control. Dr. Winn could not speak of Nancy's illness without getting choked up or crying, so to communicate with his friends and family, he started the almost nightly ritual of sending notes to them about Nancy. Over time, his letters chronicled an inspirational story of courage, love, devotion, struggle, and ultimately triumph. Nancy is now a survivor, and this year Dr. Winn, in collaboration with Timothy Pearson, has published his writings in a book that he calls Night Reflections, to inspire others to face devastating illness with courage and strength. Research shows that expressive writing has a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of patients and caregivers with chronic conditions. Writing can be a tremendous way to process challenging emotions and relieve the stressors of the day.

Timothy R. Pearson
#1 International and New York Times bestselling author
Co-author of Night Reflections

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