Celebrating Survivorship: Charmane Raye


I was diagnosed last November with aggressive B-Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I had two tumors. One on my heart muscle and one near my lung. I went through treatments at UVM Medical Center in Burlington, Vermont and just finished chemotherapy this month.

I'm wearing a scarf in my picture because an oncologist named Hepa (not sure of the spelling!) from India who worked at the hospital visited me throughout the treatments and was an inspiration to me to keep going. She wasn't my official oncologist but her smile just gave me strength to face all that goes with treatment and to get through it. My faith also in Dr. Herrera-Adrienzen's abilities to handle the treatment I needed relieved my fears.

I still face some challenges like walking now with neuropathy. I fell the other day and couldn't believe it happened. I don't know when I can drive again. The fact that the tumors shrunk as a result of the treatments is great news, and I have the oncologists, nurses, my local home health organization and hospital, and my family to thank for helping me get through each day over the last six months.

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