Celebrating Survivorship: Florie Gomatos


My name is Florie and I am 64 years old and my family includes my husband, three adult kids and their spouses, grandchildren and three dogs. I was diagnosed on August 1, 2019 with AML after experiencing abdominal pain, infections and a fever.

My treatment with 7+3 induction worked perfectly but in preparation for my transplant, I fractured my hip and needed a replacement. Several infections post surgery almost ended my life and I lost 75 pounds. My BMT did not happen.

I then had a blood clot in my ovarian vein and somehow survived. After monthly treatment with Dacogen, I have gain 28 pounds and am feeling well. However, I have multiple mutations and my gut is questionable and my doctors feel I am too high risk for transplant. This means I wait for my AML to return. I welcome any support and tips, especially if you have a mutation at 53 with AML. I try to live my healthiest life and survive. These are my dogs.

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