How Protein Helps Fuel Your Fight


Loss of appetite and difficulty eating is a common side effect of cancer treatment, but healthy food is essential to fuel your fight. Drinking plenty of water and getting enough of the right nutrients can be incredibly helpful for your recovery. One nutrient worth paying a little extra attention to is protein - and not just because it’s satisfying and keeps you full.

Why Protein?

When your body isn’t getting enough protein, it begins to break down muscle tissues for energy. This can result in a major decrease in energy, as well as the threat of going into catabolism, a state of destructive metabolism.

Protein plays an essential role in cell repair and cell growth, and helps to maintain your strength and combat unintentional weight and muscle loss.

Eating Protein

The best way to eat protein is accompanied by fats and fiber. This will insure a stable blood pressure, which will result in more fluid energy throughout the day.

When meal planning, it’s important to begin with what you like! Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat-lover, it’s crucial (and more fun) to enjoy what you’re eating!

Animal sources of protein are great – examples include lean beef, poultry, and fish– but you can actually get plenty of protein on a vegetarian diet as well. Our friends at Pack Health have spent a lot of time compiling guides to meatless protein and how eating vegetarian can help fight inflammation. They also have a great infographic for protein-packed smoothie recipes that will give you all the nutrients you need in a glass!

About Pack Heath

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