Huge Win for Cancer Research


Congress has approved a $2 billion increase in funding for the National Institutes of Health. The 6.6 percent hike -- to $32.1 billion -- is the largest increase in 12 years and it will make an enormous difference in supporting cancer research in the years ahead.

The bill includes a $264 million increase in funding for the National Cancer Institute (boosting NCI funding for the year to $5.2 billion – a 5.3% increase) as well as $200 million in funding for a precision medicine initiative dedicated to accelerating the design and testing of effective, tailored treatments for cancer.

LLS advocates sent more than 13,000 letters to Congress in just six weeks to urge support for this historic budget increase. Blood cancer patients and caregivers shared their stories with lawmakers as a key component of LLS Advocacy’s #Reason4Research campaign. Messages like these helped to convince Congress that an investment in medical research is worth every dollar:

  • Research saved my son’s life. 7 years in remission – thanks to research!
  • Because of ongoing research, my husband is alive to celebrate my daughter’s 6th birthday.
  • Research made it possible for me to win my battle against stage 4 lymphoma.
  • I am a 30-year survivor given only a 40% chance to live. Now with the type of cancer I had there’s an 85% chance of beating it – that’s research!
  • My daughter Lucy was diagnosed with leukemia just prior to her 2nd birthday. Thanks to the work and research that has been done, in great part by the NIH, she's healthy and one year off treatment, enjoying her swimming lessons tonight.

Your phone calls, letters, and outreach over the last two months have truly made a difference!

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