LLS Community is Getting an Upgrade!


LLS Community is getting an upgrade! We have appreciated LLS Community member feedback as we make improvements to help you navigate the community more easily while receiving information and support. These updates will be visible to you in June.

What You Will See

-The layout will look familiar but is now easier to read, with tabs to access various parts of the Community at the top, guidance and contact information at the bottom and your feed in between

-The page tabs will be the same at the top (Articles, Questions of the Day, Groups, Newly Diagnosed)

-Your profile information including private messaging, notification settings and privacy settings now are in one place! Under your profile display name/nickname at the top

-You will be able to see the Groups you belong to next to your Home feed in the My Groups section

What’s Been Improved

-All of your posts, comments and feed information happens within Groups to ensure you get the most applicable information related to your cancer diagnosis, treatment and experience

-You can now BOOKMARK those posts that are most meaningful to you in order to access them quickly in the future. Your bookmarked posts will be linked on the Home page for easy access

-You will be able to view posts either by Most Recent Activity (what have been the latest posts and comments similar to what you see today) or Latest Posts (what you most recently posted) both in the Home page feed and the Group feeds

-You can now add Topic tags to your posts. There is a set of topics already loaded that our Community members commonly use but you will also be able to add topics if not already loaded. These topics will help you find the information you are most interested in quickly and easily

-Instead of “friends”, you are now able to follow specific Community members. If there are members you are interested in hearing updates or tips from, following them will help you see their posts and comments

-All members will be able to access the Question of the Day group for all Questions of the Day. Questions of the Day specific to diagnosis, treatment and experience will be directed to the Community members to which they are the most meaningful. General Questions of the Day will be directed to all Community members

-Featured information including upcoming programs, resources and support and announcements will now be highlighted above your Home page feed in Featured Highlights boxes rather than the banner you see today

-You will be able to request support and help directly from the Contact Us tab rather than having to send a separate email

-You will be able to unsubscribe directly from the Contact Us tab

-You will be able to update all of your profile information including your Display Name, email address and more from your Profile settings in the community

What’s Changed

-Your private messages have been archived by LLS and will be available upon request. You can start new private conversations with other LLS Community members by clicking on their display name and clicking “Message” or under the “My Messages” section of your profile

-Questions of the Day prior to the update have been archived along with related responses and comments. New Questions of the Day will be posted to the Question of the Day group feed each Monday and Wednesday

What Will Happen Next?

-LLS will continue to communicate the timeline of changes and any needed action steps by our Community members

-Action steps following the upgrade will include creating a new password to access LLS Community to ensure your password is as secure as possible, updating your profile information and adding My Story if you have not already done so

-LLS will set up live, virtual training sessions as well as user guides and videos to help you make the most of your time in the community

We are excited about providing these enhancement to improve your experience on LLS Community. If you have any questions or need information, please reach out to community@lls.org.

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