LLS Information Specialists Contribute to Choosing Therapy Article on Cancer & Depression


Sharon Cohan, LCSW and Information Specialist for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, states, β€œOne of the biggest myths is that everyone diagnosed with cancer will be diagnosed with depression. Only 15-25% of cancer patients get diagnosed with depression. Everyone will have a period of adjustment with some depression and anxiety which usually improves with time and education.”-from Choosing Therapy article Cancer & Depression: Connection, Risks & Treatment.

LLS Information Specialists, Sharon Cohan, LCSW, and Lynn Steele contributed to a recently published article on the Choosing Therapy website, Cancer & Depression: Connection, Risks & Treatment.

The article highlights the prevalence of depression in cancer patients as well as signs, risk factors and treatment options. Tips for patients and caregivers are also provided.

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