LLS Virtual Day of Action on May 19


Help us advocate for affordable, quality health coverage for cancer patients!

On May 19 we'll show you how to message your members of Congress and urge them to stand up for patients.

Text LLSACTION to 69866 or visit http://bit.ly/LLS-Sign-Up

Forty-two percent of cancer patients deplete their life savings within two years of their diagnosis.

It's a horrifying figure that reveals how far we still have to come to ensure all patients have access to quality, affordable treatments.

Every single day, cancer patients and their families struggle to afford expensive yet life-saving treatments and medications. But you have the opportunity to help them on May 19. Just text LLSACTION to 69866 to join this vital work.

We'll send you instructions on how you can be a part of LLS's annual "Virtual Day of Action" May 19, an important day when the entire LLS community comes together with one shared voice to demand action from our federal lawmakers.

We'll share with you how you can take steps like sending a letter to your members of Congress calling for more affordable healthcare, or posting a social media message to encourage friends and family to get involved.

Federal lawmakers continue to craft critical new legislation that affects patients and their ability to pay for their healthcare. Lawmakers need to know that patients' lives are in their hands.

Everyone in the entire LLS community can participate — including staff, volunteers, donors, partners, patients and more. Last year, more than 1,100 advocates participated in the LLS Virtual Day of Action, and we expect even more to get involved in 2021.

Just text LLSACTION to 69866 or click here to do your part and stand up for patients!

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