New Resource to Help with Pain and Fatigue


We’re fighting blood cancers - that’s our tagline. Everything we do is for your fight, your battle, against this disease. What we don’t always talk about is how hard it can be to fight when you’re tired and hurting. In your daily battles with cancer, do you know how to fight pain and fatigue?

We recently discovered Pack Health, a resource that supports individuals with cancer on a one-on-one basis. Pack Health is a digital coaching service, allowing health coaches to reach you wherever you are and on your schedule - on the phone, online, or both.This means that you will have an experienced health professional right alongside you to keep you motivated in your day-to-day life.

These people get what you’re going through, and they’ll help you with everything from exercise and nutrition to budgeting and logistics. This program is specifically designed to help you reduce your pain and fatigue - past members have reduced their pain and fatigue by 34% overall. That’s huge, but it’s not just about the numbers. It’s about a new way of doing things that gets you what you need beyond the doors of your doctor’s office.

This is where Pack Health breaks the mold. They understand that your health is personal, and they take the time to act accordingly. Everything they do is about finding strategies that work for YOU to achieve YOUR health goals.

Long story short, we reached out to Pack Health, and they’ve opened up a special opportunity for our Community. We were able to reserve 75 free spots for members with the following diagnoses:

  • Follicular Lymphoma (FL)
  • Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma (SLL)
  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

You'll receive 3 months of sponsored support, no credit card information required.

Sign up here and let us know how it goes:

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