Time Flies! A Refresher on Community Guidelines


February 1st marks the second birthday of LLS Community! Over the years, nearly 7,000 of you have come together to support living healthy with blood cancer.

We would like to take this opportunity to provide a refresher on LLS Community Guidelines. LLS Community is a positive, welcoming place for patients and caregivers at all stages of the journey. We have helped countless individuals access needed resources and engage with one another, and we count on you to help provide the safe space for these conversations to occur. Here's a reminder of what should and should not be posted on LLS Community:

The community is composed of members 13 years of age and older. Content should be appropriate for all ages and parents or guardians are encouraged to monitor the activity of their children. We believe that each member is unique and is entitled to their beliefs and opinions. Out of respect for you and for your safety we ask that you refrain from posting the following:

  • Anything that appears to disrespect or place judgment on an individual, their opinions, views, information or management.
  • Anything that could be construed as medical advice.
  • Anything that appears to promote, advertise or solicit.
  • Anything that is rude or could be considered offensive.
  • Pictures that contain nudity or violent acts.

Thank you for being a part of our Community and for lending your voice to give support to others going through blood cancer.

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