Community Guidelines

LLS Community is a place where people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints can come together to connect, share, and contribute to blood cancer care and research.

The community comprises members 16 years of age and older. Content should be appropriate for all ages and parents or guardians are encouraged to monitor the activity of their children. We believe that each member is unique and is entitled to his or her beliefs and opinions. Out of respect for you and for your safety, we ask that you follow these rules to ensure that every member of the community feels welcome and secure in sharing their stories, experiences, and information with us all. Following these guidelines will help us all feel understood and supported as we work together to learn more about blood cancer.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in removal of content and potential removal from the community:

  • Respect

    Everyone in the community is unique, has different beliefs, viewpoints, information, and approaches to blood cancer management. These differences are what make our community strong and sharing helps us to better understand blood cancer. It is OK to disagree, but failure to respect another’s right to his or her own viewpoint may result in removal of posts or comments and potentially removal from the community.

  • Do Not Judge

    There should be no judgment about any results or practices of anyone in the community. We recognize that LLS Community may involve collecting information about blood cancer management that is personal, including results of tests, medical conditions, and medications, and more. We want you to know that we do not pass judgment about you or your blood cancer, and this information will not impact your medical care or insurance status. We simply provide an avenue for collecting information that helps us to accelerate resources and knowledge. We expect the same of the community, to not judge any information that is shared.

  • Do Not Give Medical Advice

    LLS Community is not a healthcare provider nor is any data or information provided intended to be a substitute for medical advice. We know that you may learn about how others manage blood cancer or other medical conditions as they share their stories; however, please DO NOT make any changes to your own cancer management or the management of any medical condition without first consulting a physician.

  • Do Not Promote

    Do not advertising and or solicit on LLS Community. This site is not intended to promote products, therapies, medications, devices, or interventions. Use of the community and its resources for the purposes of marketing and or financial gain are strictly prohibited. All content suggestive of marketing will be removed.

  • Content

    LLS Community is not responsible for reviewing or approving all of content and information that appears on the site. We ask that you use discretion in evaluating any information that is provided.

  • Do Not Spam

    It is acceptable to link to outside news or information but that information should be consistent with these community guidelines. Any links should also have associated text generated by the person posting to minimize the risk of spam.

In summary, unacceptable content includes, but is not limited to:

  • Anything that appears to disrespect or place judgment on an individual, their opinions, views, information or management.
  • Anything that could be construed as medical advice.
  • Anything that appears to promote, advertise or solicit.
  • Anything that is rude or could be considered offensive.
  • Any content that promotes cures, medications, supplements, procedures, or devices that do not have a basis in scientific fact or peer-reviewed support.